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At Goldbelt Security, LLC our ethos is forged through years of honorable service to our nation through military and government service.  We believe in providing our clients with products and services based on providing the best value for our clients backed by ethical behavior and experience. 

We are an Alaskan, Native American (8a) company based in Juneau, Alaska and New Port News, Virginia.  Our 8(a) status provides us flexibility and advantages that other companies just don't have.

As a small, disadvantaged business we have many advantages over our larger competitors such as the General Dynamics, Lockheed Martins or CACIs of the world. Much like trying to turn an aircraft carrier, larger companies are not as nimble and swift as Goldbelt Security LLC. Large companies are often hampered by their size, making changes difficult and slow. Goldbelt Security, LLC can also be more innovative and try new things because we are not slowed by large company staffs and red tape. The pace of Goldbelt Security, LLC is often very fast, and this speed is frequently an advantage in getting new products and services to our clients.

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Emergency Medical Training & Services

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