President's Corner


President's Corner

My name is Phil Clayton; I am the President of Goldbelt Security, LLC and I’d like to welcome you to our web page.  I’ll be using this page to give our present and future clients a look into our company with updates, news, and my business philosophy.  Please feel free to come on in and look around.

I took the reins of Goldbelt Security, LLC a couple of years ago and immediately set out to focus the team’s efforts on providing our clients with the best service possible, we accomplish this, by putting the right people in the right place all of the time and adjusting anytime we need to.  I spent over 20 years in one of our military’s most elite units; the U.S. Army Special Forces.  I earned my Green Beret in 1977 and I have brought the same discipline and dedication to my job that allowed me to serve in that great unit.  Upon retiring from the military, I took many of the leadership and team building lessons learned from the military and adapted them to the corporate world.  In my Industry/Corporate career I have worked my way up from contractor to Program Manager, to Director, Vice President and now President of Goldbelt Security, LLC.  The education I received along the way and the experience I have gained has proved invaluable!

My sole focus as President of the company is to provide our clients with quality service.  The foundation of that service and how we as an organization operate is based upon a set of imperatives that I plagiarized and then remodeled:

Understand the Client’s Environment. Too often, the untutored in business assume that the corporate team/leadership “knows the lay of the land” consider the concept that simply knowing the physical terrain of their immediate business target/opportunity can be accomplished with a google search and provides zero actual insight to the machinations or perspectives of the client.

The reality is, understanding the Client’s environment involves both internal and external factors. Understanding the external factors is critical to maximizing the effective use of critically limited resources to accomplish our goals. External factors are most easily summarized by identifying what stimulus outside the target organization affects that organizations success!  For example, the continuing resolution, dependency upon imported resources and materials, union labor and influence of third-party organizations or affiliates (another contractor).

The internal factors guide the actions of the capture team in a fluid and unstructured environment.

Internal factors include knowing, and more importantly understanding, the Client stressors and the sphere of influence within the client environment, as in any business operation. Leaders and planners must also understand the motivations and causes of stress, the strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and actual power centers of the client environment, and the social networks within the organization itself, as well as the goals of each decision maker in the organization, and the relationships that exist between different elements of the organizations.

Recognize Political Implications. Our background in conducting unconventional operations around the world has provided us with a keen knowledge of how to operate in delicate situations and to be able to operate diplomatically.  We understand and take great care to take the time to study your company and to assess the political environment considering the personality of your business and how you operate.  Political implications can have a great effect on business operations.  For instance, how your company fits into a government business space depends largely on the winds of change in Congress and a Presidential Administration.  Our experience and relationships at the local, state and national governmental levels help us maintain the desired level of flexibility in our operations and provide our clients with an added benefit.

Facilitate Inter-Company and Business Activities.We’ve found that understanding your company and how the departments within your company operate is paramount to our combined success. We constantly seek out opportunities to find efficiencies that are mutually beneficial providing a sense of a unity of effort for our combined success.  Understanding your operations at the division level are principal to our combined success.

Maintain Respect and Integrity. At Goldbelt Security, LLC, we have gone to great lengths to create a work environment based upon mutual respect for all our employees and we bring that level of mutual respect to the organizations we work with.  Any situations that violate our policies are dealt with swiftly.  We believe that without integrity, we have nothing.  Maintaining our integrity is the cornerstone in everything we do, and we will not accept compromise and never compromise our core values.  

Balance Safety and Security. Employee safety is job number one.  Providing a safe and secure environment for employees must be a priority and every effort will be made to provide an atmosphere and culture within the company that allows employees to focus on their work without fear. Security in the business world cannot be overlooked. Whether it is digital, personal or physical, security a company’s operations are constantly under threat from a myriad of threats and the proper level of attention and resources should be dedicated to addressing these threats.  Employees in one location may be uniquely situated to provide a significant positive impact on business operations conducted by other company divisions. While government business operations are often compartmentalized for security concerns, too often that compartmentalization can exclude key personnel that may have significant important information to impart that will impact the planning process. It is imperative that business leaders find a way to mitigate the balance. Inadequate security procedures may compromise a business opportunity, but excessive security paranoia, leading to inadequate face-to-face time with other key leaders will result in failure due to a lack of synchronization of efforts.