Ambassadors In Blue

Ambassadors in Blue aims to provide the security professional an opportunity to explore the process of building a professional mindset.  Everyone comes into the security profession at different points along the mindset development road. Some may have law enforcement or military experience, and some may not have any experience. Ambassadors in Blue takes this in to account and provides an equal starting point. The Ambassadors in Blue is a recognized leading Program for the security professional. Our training is designed to present a program that focuses on the developing a mindset that builds a set of tools that increase the security professional’s emotional, cognitive and physical functioning. Our program was developed after our research and investigation found multiple instances of Security Professionals with overzealous personalities on client sites. What we discovered during the review of our initial training course was that the average guy or girl hired to perform duties as a security guard did not receive training on “conduct with the public” and they never receive training to create the mindset that they are part of the community they are hired to protect. Instead, most of the training a new security guard receives focuses on “Law of Arrest, Detention, Hand Cuffing, how to escort an undesirable off a premise.”  Each of these training classes is essential to the performance of duties in a contingency situation, but these skills are relevant only about 10% of the time, 90% of a security guards job, revolves around everyday life, very little drama, very little excitement, very low probability of incident, after all, we hire security guards to be a deterrent.

Ambassadors in Blue Plus
For law-enforcement officers, military service members, firefighters, emergency medical services and 911 call-center personnel and other first responders.

This is a special version of The Ambassadors in Blue Program with several added content modules designed specifically to improve the safety and well-being of Security Professionals. This workshop teaches security guards to take charge of and self-regulate unnecessary energy expenditures that deplete resilience and diminish mental and physical performance. As a result, they are able to perform at their best and increase and sustain emotional balance, clarity, and flexibility while dealing with day-to-day challenges. Other important benefits include improved sleep, situational awareness, reaction time and decision-making, particularly under pressure. 

Courses Offered
Ambassadors in Blue offers various workshops, keynotes, and presentations, all of which can be customized to fit the audience.
For more information, contact us!  Here are descriptions of the main workshops we offer:

Keynote Presentations 
Inspiring and engaging keynote presentations customized to fit each organization’s needs on a wide range of topics, such as diversity/inclusion, leadership, resilience, the nobility of policing, and practical wisdom to name a few.

Ambassadors in Blue: Leading the Security Professional
Leading the Security Professional is a transformational two-day leadership development workshop designed for all levels of the organization. This revolutionary educational process is a holistic approach to developing our people. It will touch hearts, awaken minds and ignite spirits through dynamic presentations and learning processes. (Available for law enforcement, corrections/detention, and non-sworn personnel.)

Ambassadors in Blue Academy (Train-the-Trainer) 
The Blue Courage Academy is a four-day workshop that educates attendees to be able to deliver the two-day workshop to their organization. Attendees are given all necessary supporting materials to successfully teach Blue Courage and impact fellow law enforcement professionals. (Available for law enforcement, corrections/detention, and non-law enforcement organizations.)

Ambassadors in Blue Executive Overview 
A 4 to 8-hour workshop, Ambassadors in Blue’s Executive Overview delivers the basic importance of creating an Ambassador in Blue culture of respect and resilience in the security environment.

Ambassadors in Blue Tactical Mindset 
Explores and educates participants on the importance of resilience and stress management that the security profession demands today. The four-hour course draws on the Goldbelt Security’s research on resilience, energy and peak performance. The course will also examine positive psychology and mindfulness. Participants will learn the process of “Pattern Interruption” – the practice of quieting the mind by breaking the pattern of our negative thoughts and emotions – the chaos of the day. All designed to create increased mindfulness, awareness, focus and performance.

Ambassadors in Blue Leadership Academy 
A series of 4 to 6-hour workshops, the Ambassadors in Blue Leadership Academy offers essential Ambassadors in Blue topics taught one day a month over 6-12 months. Bite-size learning is highly effective to ensure that learning is reinforced over time and is not taxing on the time committed to training. Topics include Pursuing Greatness, Mindset Development, Respect, Resilience, Inclusive Leadership, Practical Wisdom, Positive Psychology, understanding and changing Culture and Leaders as Coaches.