Case & Data Management

Electronic Case Management Records System (CMRS):  Goldbelt Security, LLC supports the City of Anchorage, Alaska through the Anchorage Safety Patrol (ASP) which is a long-term Program / Service that was established in 1996 to meet the designated requirements of Alaskan Statute 47.37.030 which establishes a secure enhanced detoxification and treatment center for persons involuntarily detained because they are likely to inflict physical harm to self or others.  To enhance the program, we developed an electronic Case Management Records System (CMRS) that tracks every inductee from the time of pickup to release and all treatment received/administered while on the premise.  Our CMRS is maintained as a permanent record and is now used by the Municipality of Anchorage as a key planning indicator to develop a long-term health care plan of action for repeat offenders.