Emergency Medical Training & Services

On-Site Medical Services & Transport: Goldbelt Security provides 32 Alaska State Certified EMT’s who operate 5 Emergency Services Vehicles (Certified Ambulances), on Patrol 24 x 7 x 365, dispatched by 911 services to investigate and determine the viability of each call, if appropriate administer a BAC, detain, load and transport to a holding facility, (The Anchorage Safety Center) and monitor until the patient has reached a point of sobriety.  While the patient is in our care we perform all the functions normally experienced in a clinical setting.

Goldbelt Security retains the services of a Leading Physician on-call 24/7 to provide medical services and treatment beyond the capability of our trained staff in an emergency.  The Physician has complete access to our CRMS system via secure (Encrypted) communication using Key FOB Access from any computer at any time.